A note from Superintendent Reynolds

Welcome to Brushy School!

On behalf of myself and the Brushy Faculty, I would like to express my gratitude to the parents of students in our district for choosing Brushy School. We understand your most precious possession is your child and we are committed to educating and nurturing them through these critical early years of their life.

I guarantee, we will take a genuine interest in each student and provide them with the reinforcement they need as they grow into young adults.

Brushy School offers the programs and technology of larger districts within the setting of a smaller country school. We have high expectations for our students both morally and academically. We understand that God, Country, and Family are still important principles in life.

I think you will soon see the dedication our staff has for your child. I look forward to meeting each parent personally. My door is always open, as I encourage input from parents or students on ways to improve our district.


Greg Reynolds