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Students who have participated on Quiz Bowl teams express greater confidence in their academic abilities through the experience and that they learned a great deal about personal responsibility and teamwork in the process.

In Quiz Bowl competition, students are recognized and rewarded for what they know. Students’ knowledge is tested in general subjects, as well as the arts, music, philosophy, and current events. 

Both what they learn and the process of learning prepares students for college admission tests, performance under pressure and academic and other forms of discipline.

As in athletic competition, Quiz Bowl gives students the opportunity to represent both their school and their community. Although Quiz Bowl shares certain attributes with athletic competition, it usually attracts different types of students. 

It may fill a niche for students who are not interested in athletic competition, but who enjoy the experience of competition, teamwork, and training and want to represent their school and community. 

Quiz Bowl teaches sportsmanship and responsibility, both inherent traits of successful students.

5th/6th, 7th/8th Coach - Ronda Mooneyham