Parents; We are providing enrichment packets for our students in grades K-5 to finish out the school year. These will be a 5 week packet and be available for pick up at the school on Thursday and Friday.  These packets are voluntary and will NOT be returned. They are prepared to give students enrichment activities in math and reading and will be a great review for your child. The grade that your child earned 3rd 9 weeks, will also be his/her grade for the 2nd semester. 
Grades 6-8 will have enrichment provided online. Each teacher will contact about where to find his/her activities. They will provide websites to assist you. If you do not have internet, it will be provided in the Brushy School parking lot. For our students without computers, you may check out a chrome book (one per family) to be returned to the school at a later date. 

These will be given out at the new gym by the concession stand. Please remain in your vehicle and someone will bring you the packets.
K-2nd will pick up 9:00-10:30 and  3-5 will pick up 11:00-12:00 and 6-8 12:00-1:30. This will be the same time on Thursday and Friday. 
If you have any questions, or if these times won’t fit your schedule, please contact me or Mr. Armer. 
This is a first for all of us, but together we can provide instruction and activities that will benefit each student. 
Take care and please be safe! We love our students! ❤️

Mrs. Five